LIMOUSINE concept :

  • LIMOUSINE is the ultimate high-range water vehicle with her new electric and hybrid advanced propulsion system, elegant, performing and designed to meet and melt people.
  • LIMOUSINE will soon sail in the waters of Bora Bora, Singapore, Hongkong, Dubai, Geneva, Venice, Cannes, Monaco, San Francisco, Bahia, Saint Barth, Paris, New York, London, Shanghai … in harmony with the calm of preserved sites.
  • LIMOUSINE is the result of great expertise in innovative hull design, best in comfort and energy efficiency, best in green conception and sailing.
  • LIMOUSINE with her stylish neo-classical shapes is a luxury vehicle offering harmonious blend, space and avant garde design, luxury, serenity on board, perfect soundproofing and sobriete.
  • High technology is accomplished when it feels natural : landing, loading passengers and boarding simply aesthetic, ergonomic, secure and comfortable.